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Health & Environment

This elective module is part of the MSc in International Health Management

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Module Aims

The module is designed to foster a multidisciplinary understanding of how the environment affects individual health, emphasising the role of economic analysis in this context. Through various methodologies, we tackle the challenges associated with pinpointing the environmental determinants of health. We explore mitigation strategies and their implementation, as well as review the policy tools designed to combat pollution and examine their effects on health and the wellbeing of society. Students will engage in critical evaluation of scientific evidence, weighing the pros and cons of potential interventions.


By the end of the module, students will have acquired  a comprehensive grasp of the environmental challenges that influence health and the healthcare sector. They will be knowledgeable about various environmental hazards and their effects on health, understand the frameworks and models for assessing environmental risks and individual exposure, and recognise the limitations of these approaches.

New to this module: Climate Fresk! It's a powerful tool for exploring climate impacts and solutions. 


Source: WEF

Centre For Sus HC NHS



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Health Impact Assessment 

Presented in a website format using website or templates.

Coding & Software packages


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