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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Environment and Health Economics


Yong Soo K., U J Wagner, P Shen, L de Preux, M Muûls, R Martin, and J Cao. Management Practices and Climate Policy in China, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. Forthcoming.


de Preux L, D Rizmie, D Fecht, J Gulliver, W Wang, 2023. Does it measure up? A comparison of pollution exposure assessment techniques applied across hospitals in England, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(5): 3852.


Rizmie, D, L de Preux, M Miraldo and R Atun, 2022. Impact of extreme temperatures on emergency hospital admissions by age and socio-economic deprivation in England. Social Science & Medicine, 308:115193.


Bloom C, L de Preux, A Sheikh, J Quint. 2020. Health and cost impact of stepping down asthma medication for UK patients, 2001–2017: A population-based observational study. PLoS Medicine, ISSN: 1549-1277.


Pimpin L, L Retat, D Fecht , L de Preux, F Sassi, J Gulliver, et al. 2018. Estimating the costs of air pollution to the National Health Service and social care: An assessment and forecast up to 2035. PLoS Medicine 15(7): e1002602. 


Martin, R, L de Preux and U Wagner. 2014. The Impacts of the Climate Change Levy on Business: Evidence from Microdata. Journal of Public Economics, 117:1-14. 


Martin, R, M Muûls, L de Preux and U Wagner. 2014. On the Empirical Content of Carbon Leakage Criteria in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Ecological Economics, 105:78-88.

Martin, R, M. Muûls, L de Preux and U Wagner. 2014. Industry Compensation Under Relocation Risk: A Firm-Level Analysis of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. American Economic Review, 104(8): 2482-2508.

•    Won the Erik Kempe Award in Environmental and Resource Economics 


Martin, R, M Muûls, L de Preux and U Wagner. 2012. Anatomy of a Paradox: Management Practices, Organizational Structure and Energy Efficiency. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 63(2):208-223.


de Preux, L. 2011. Anticipatory Ex Ante Moral Hazard and the Effect of Medicare on Prevention. Health Economics, 20(9): 1056-1072. 

Public Health & Environment

Sheikh Y, Asunramu H, Low H, Gakhar D, Muthukumar K, Yassin H, de Preux L, 2022. A Cost-Utility Analysis of Mesh Prophylaxis in the Prevention of Incisional Hernias following Stoma Closure Surgery. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 19: 13553. 


Lambourg E, C Siani, L de Preux. 2022. Use of a high-volume prescription database to explore health inequalities in England: assessing impacts of social deprivation and temperature on the prescription volume of medicines. Journal of Public Health. 30: 2231–2242.


Riley R, L de Preux, P Capella, C Mejia, Y Kajikawa, and A de Nazelle, 2021. How do we effectively communicate air pollution to change public attitudes and behaviours? A review. Sustainability Science 16(6). 


Fecht D, CE Sheridan, CJ Roscoe, J Gulliver, and L de Preux, 2019. Inequalities in exposure to nitrogen dioxide in parks and playgrounds in Greater London. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16: 1-11.


de Preux LB, Rizmie D, 2018. Beyond financial efficiency to support environmental sustainability in economic evaluations. Future Healthcare Journal, 5: 103-107. 

Public Health Env Pubs


Patel N, N Yung, G Vigneswaran, L de Preux, D Maclean, M Harris, B Somani, T Bryant, N Hacking, and S Modi, 2021. 1-year cost-utility analysis of prostate artery embolization (PAE) versus transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) in benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BMJ surgery, interventions, & health technologies 3(1). 


Behranwala R, N Aojula, A Hagana, N Houbby and L de Preux, 2021. An economic evaluation for the use of decompressive craniectomy in the treatment of refractory traumatic intracranial hypertension. Brain Injury 35(4).


Shabir H, S Hashemi, M Al-Rufayie, T Adelowo, U Riaz, U Ullah, B Alam, M Anwar, and L de Preux, 2021. Cost-Utility Analysis of Oxybutynin vs. OnabotulinumtoxinA (Botox) in the Treatment of Overactive Bladder Syndrome. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(16). 


Ali A, Z Mobarak, M Al-Jumaily, M Anwar, Z Moti, N Zaman, A Reza Akbari, and L de Preux, 2021. Cost-Utility Analysis of Antibiotic Therapy versus Appendicectomy for Acute Uncomplicated Appendicitis. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18(16). 

Med Pubs

Non-Refereed Publications

de Preux, L., 2022. Winter of discontent? How extreme temperatures in England expose inequalities in hospital use. Forbes


de Preux L, Rizmie D, 2021, How is the healthcare sector dealing with climate change?, Economics Observatory, Vol: 2021, link.


Ulrich J Wagner, Dana Kassem, Andreas Gerster, Jurate Jaraite, Marit E Klemetsen, Marita Laukkanen, Ralf Martin, Jakob Roland Munch, Mirabelle Muûls, Laure de Preux, Knut Einar Rosendahl, Sandra Schusser, 2020. Carbon Footprints of European Manufacturing Jobs: Stylized Facts and Implications for Climate Policy, Discussion Paper Series – CRC TR 224, Universität Mannheim.

Adomako-Mensah V, Belloni A, Blawat A, de Preux L, Green E, Jaccard A, Retat L, Sassi F, Thiebault S, Webber L, 2020, The health and social care costs of a selection of health conditions and multimorbidities, Public Health England Publications


de Preux Gallone LB, Sassi F, 2018, Chapter 5 Economics of Pollution Interventions, Chief Medical Officer annual report 2017: health impacts of all pollution – what do we know?, Publisher: Department of Health and Social Care, 5.


de Preux, L. The Parent Trap. 2014. ESRC Britain in 2015:98-99.


Martin, R.,  and U. Wagner. 2012. The polluter-doesn't-pay principle. CEP Centre Piece 369.


Anderson B., J. Leib, R. Martin, M. McGuigan, M. Muûls, L. de Preux and U. Wagner. 2011. Climate Change Policy and Business in Europe: Evidence from interviewing managers. CEP Occasional Paper No. 27.

NonRef Pubs
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